Working Moms VS Home Makers

Updated: May 21

Some of the Working Moms are so confused and I am one of them. The reason is it becomes difficult to manage things and have a good time with the baby. Working for a corporate company comes with a lot of challenges especially if you are in a profile where there are regular meetings. Home makers are so glad to take care of their little ones 24/7. But I know some of us feel exhausted as one will not find time to even realise how they had spent the whole day. This century moms has got loads of information to know more about productive habits. Please try to follow them and have a great time with your baby, as these days are never going to come back again. Ask for help, we hesitate to take help from husband or family members. But, it is necessary as you can take better care of your child only if you take good care of yourself. Tips I have learnt: 1. Have high energy food and drink enough water so that you will not get exhausted soon.

2. Do some form of exercise. I know we all are exercising whole day with all the household chores and taking care of baby. If you do not get time even a 10 minutes exercise is going to create a good impact for you, as you can spend some time with yourself.

3. Please take care of your thoughts. Your emotional well being is equally important as physical health.

4. Be happy and keep smiling. Yes, this is one of the best things. You can do this now, If you ask me how? Look at your little baby once. You smiled right :) That's the magic around them.

5. Most of the babies until the age of 2 sleeps mostly 2-3 hours in the day. Make use of that time in completing your major work.

Thank you for your time :) I hope this article is helpful.

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